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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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girls catholic high school in san jose say they reported sexual misconduct and abuse to school leaders more than 20 years ago and that nothing happened. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen first broke the story earlier this month about the scandal at presentation high school. >> reporter: two men who graduated in 1981 say administrators swept their reports under the rug and allowed a teacher to supervise overnight field trips after several students reported sexual misconduct. also tonight we've obtained an e-mail warning of some disturbing behavior between a current male teacher and a student. what did the principal know and when? did she use the information to protect students or to shield the school? an emotional hug today between presentation high graduates kathryn leehane and cheryl marshall saying they separately reported two incidents of sexual
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misconduct to trusted school leaders. >> we were in disbelief and in tears at the outcome. >> reporter: she says her close friend known as jane was sexually molested by spanish teacher john fernandez in 1990. the girls told the teacher who reported the incident to the principal. >> jane was called in to speak to the principal. afterward she came to me in tears saying that she did not feel the principal believed her and that the principal suggested that jane must have been dreaming it. >> reporter: she says after a month of hearing nothing, the girls went to vice principal mary miller. >> she dismissed both of us with stern warnings to be careful with what we say. >> he had groped me and shown me pictures of a naked woman. >> reporter: kathryn was 16 and alone with fernandez in a classroom. >> his arm is around mine. his arm moves my hand up to my breast. he's grabbing my handing and kissing it. >> do you think what happened to you could have been prevented? >> yes. >> why do you think that?
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>> because i know that two other people had reported abuse by the same man. >> reporter: she says in college after learning about jane's alleged abuse, she wrote a letter to miller, now the principal, reporting what happened to her. >> there were active attempts on behalf of this administration to suppress the sharing of information about crimes which were committed on this campus. >> reporter: attorney robert allard said the school did not follow the law. >> if you have a reasonable suspicion that a sex crime has occurred, your obligation, the law tells you, you must call the police and report it. you're not to investigate it. you're not to ask the victim questions. you're not to ask the teacher questions. >> reporter: fernandez taught at presentation for 14 years after these women say they went to miller. he died in 2015. the school admits it did not report any of the incidents to c cps or police. in a statement miller said phs
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conducted an investigation more than 25 years ago into this matter and other claims made to date. due to privacy and confidentiality they cannot disclose the details or outcomes. she said the allegation that they covered up abuse is an outright lie. presentation placed two current teachers on administrative leave on november 10th. we obtained an e-mail sent to principal miller where a staff member writes she witnessed inappropriate behavior by a male teacher. the staffer said many girls told me they founding the teacher creepy. he had inappropriately touched their hair or made them feel uncomfortable. she ended the e-mail saying i have a terrible feeling about what's going on and i think some action has to be taken. the school declined to explain why it didn't take any action on that incident until seven months later, after nbc bay area aired three reports on sexual misconduct allegations at the school. san jose police are now investigating. the women who spoke today say they faced tremendous backlash
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on social media for sharing their stories, but they hope thinging these issues to light will help change how all schools respond to sexual abuse reports. >> have you asked the school if they want to come on camera and talk about this? >> we have each and every time we have these reports. they are still declining. but the school has not been silent. they have absolutely been vocal. the school's vice principal e-mailed to complain because we reached out to students on social media. the school's principal sent an e-mail to the entire presentation community urging them to complain to the station about our reporting. we understand this is a beloved school but we stand by our reports. and the firstfirsthand stories students. >> to be clear the principal in place now was there in the early 1990s. >> yes. at that time she was the vice principal and then later was elevated to principal. she's been in that position for some time. she's very well liked and we understand, but the concerns that these students are now bringing to light are troubling.
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>> okay, thank you very much. our investigative unit has been at the forefront of this story since it broke a few weeks ago. if you want to see all of vicky's reports, go to they escaped in palo alto and the shootout was in stockton. new developments in the search for those two escaped inmates. last night we broke the news that officers captured one of them. the two inmates escaped from palo alto courthouse 16 days ago. police tracked them down in stockton and took one of the men, trammel mcclough, into custody last night. during the chase he jumped out of the suv and ran into a walmart. the other inmate, john bivins, as a chp officer shot at him. >> bivins escaped from custody, he evaded chp in a fleeing vehicle. there was an officer-involved shooting, so he's dangerous. definitely a dangerous individual. has a prior history of acquiring weapons.
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>> bivins was last seen driving a green ford explorer. this is surveillance video from a gas station. mcclough is being held without bail in san joaquin county jail where he will appear in court on monday. no word on when he'll return to santa clara county. a major drug bust in discovery bay. detectives uncovered an illegal pot grow of about 600 plants. this is what it looked like. contra costa sheriff's department posted these photos on their facebook page. they say the plants are worth about $450,000. the grow operation was founding at a home on wayfair court. no one was home when police arrived. they're still searching for the suspect. no verdict before thanksgiving. the jury in the kate steinle murder trial went home for the holiday without reaching a verdict in the case. the jury deliberated for about three hours today before breaking for the long weekend. jurors will be back on monday, 9:00 in the morning, to begin
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deciding the fate of the defendant. the defense says it was accidental but prosecutors argue that he intended to kill steinle. sam brock has been in court for every day of the trial and will be there whenever a verdict is announced. you can follow sam on twitter. we will break into programming once the jury reaches a verdict and send out a breaking news alert on our nbc bay area app. new at 6:00, some significant flight delays at sfo today but it has nothing to do with thanksgiving. 22 flights were delayed and one was cancelled after a plane hit a flock of birds. airport officials said they had to shut down one of the runways there at sfo and hold all planes for about an hour while they removed the dead birds. as for the actual thanksgiving traffic, aaa says more than 45 million people across the country are on the move this week. this is a live look now from our nbc bay area sky ranger. this is the 680/24 interchange.
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always problematic, especially this time of night. this is right there in walnut creek. actually things are flowing what swell here. let's take a live look at some of the other hot spots. 580 in the east bay, the bay bridge toll plaza, which looks wide open right now, 880 through oakland and 101 in san jose. the commute not looking so bad. now, earlier today a much slower ride. our own robert handa tweeting these photos out. this is northbound 680. a lot of brake lights and looks more like a parking lot than a freeway. new at 6:00 tonight, gobble it up on the table and in the store aisles. thanksgiving weekend marks the official start of the holiday shopping season, but this year ongoing construction of the central subway could have shoppers saying bah hum bug a little more. sergio quintana joins us live with the details. it's going to be a little tough
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to get around. >> reporter: it's going to be a little bit less space to navigate. usually this pedestrian mall here on stockton street opens right after thanksgiving for shoppers here at union square, but this year there's going to be less available space because of three large things like this that will be remaining open through the holidays as well. crews hammer and saw as construction of the central subway continues. shoppers are making do with the barriers and detours. >> especially for the holidays it's a little, you know, confusing and not as pretty. >> reporter: tracy tucker is here from florida to visit her daughter. >> she lives on post street and there's a bunch of construction there too, so it's just like construction everywhere. >> reporter: the central subway project has been in progress for the last four years. the stockton street pedestrian mall has been set up over those years in an effort to attract shoppers to the busy union square retail district.
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this year, there will be a little less of that mall available. >> things are coming together. there's more construction that's happened over the past year, so it's been more challenging to have as much open space as we've had in the past years. >> reporter: there are now three large shafts that will remain open during the season. a large corner of union square is also blocked off as crews continue building the subway. >> yeah, a lot of displaced people don't have nice places to sit. we lost the kids a couple times behind some construction platforms. >> i guess if you don't know your way around san francisco, it can be very difficult because there is a lot of construction in the middle. >> reporter: in years past this pedestrian plaza usually opens up the day after thanksgiving for shoppers. this year there's going to be a little bit of a delay. it's going to open up on saturday. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay
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area news. >> thank you, sergio. well, from bad to worse. the sinking and tilting millennium tower in san francisco is facing a new problem tonight. finding insurance. our investigative unit has learned exclusively after the skyscrap skyscraper's problems got national exposure recently on "60 minutes," five insurance companies withdrew their offers. the tower's homeowners association is warning residents today the building's insurance bill may go up as a result of this. the luxury tower has sunk about 17 inches since it was built. its insurance broker calls it the most notorious and well publicized construction defect claim in the world. 75 different companies have turned down an offer to bid on insurance policies. a new controversy for pixar. the real reason a well-known actress and writer says she decided to part ways with the bay area based company. also helping the homeless. we ride along with san jose
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police officers on a unique mercy mission. and rainfall on the doppler radar right now. who has the best chance on thanksgiving and what it looks like if you're traveling by error on the roads. that's coming up at 6:19 tonight. latest high-profile exec to take
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a leave of absence for alleged misconduct. today, another majole pixar's boss is the latest high profile executive to take a leave of absence for alleged
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misconduct. today another major allegation involving lasseter. sam brock joins us from the century theaters in daly city with the very latest. sam. >> reporter: good evening. you're talking about rashida jones, who is a well-known name in hollywood. she's done work for pixar before. she was in "inside out" back in 2015 but when reports started to surface that she left "toy story 4" because of unwanted sexual advances, jones said she had to set the record straight. she turned a day-old narrative on its head when she applauded the creative work of pixar studios but not its treatment of women and minorities. in a statement to "the new york times," she rebuffed the idea that she left because of sexual misconduct, saying, quote, but it is also a culture where women and people of color do not have an equal or creative voice, as is demonstrated by their director demographics. out of 20 films in the company's
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history, only one was co-directed by a woman and only one was directed by a person of color. >> because she is biracial and highly successful, she has a unique perspective on these types of things. and those are the voices we need to hear right now. >> reporter: amy has recruited tech executives for 25 years and calls the failure of minority representation an epidemic that saddles silicon valley and hollywood among other industries. she said digging deeper, just seeing minority characters portrayed in movies isn't cutting it. >> telling the story of female characters by men. so what was woody and what was woody's girlfriend name. if a woman directed that, they would have been equal. >> reporter: she says jones' voice on the issue comes from a place of influence, but not all voices have to. the reference on that last point is to susan fowler, who was a
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former uber employee, relatively unknown, until he forced the evaluation of an entire company's culture based on one of her blog posts. reporting live from daly city, sam brock, nbc bay area news. 'tis the season to give back and san jose police were getting into the spirit today by helping out a community. the department has had a rocky relationship with in the past. roz plater joins us with more. >> reporter: they began testing this program out just a couple of months ago. turns out it was pretty popular. for those folks behind me here in the tents, this means it was not only a service, police believe it is helping to build trust. >> there's a lot of people down there. >> reporter: we rode along as san jose police officers made the rounds at multiple makeshift shelters on sidewalks, in doorways around under freeways, armed with care kits. >> hey, we're giving these out today, man. thanksgiving tomorrow.
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help you out. >> reporter: the draw string backpack is wrapped with a bandana. inside there's a long-sleeve t-shirt, socks, a list of homeless services, along with the most popular item, a flashlight with batteries. >> man, i need a flashlight. god bless. >> reporter: it's all part of what police are calling operation care. not just care kits, but an effort to mend fences and build better relationships. >> there is enforcement that takes place in a lot of these encampments, but we want them to know that's not the only thing we're concerned about. we also care about them. >> reporter: police do the program with a nonprofit housing ski and the kits were assembled by cadets. >> they need to be empathetic to the conditions and some of the hardships homeless people have to deal with. that helped them kind of weave that into their dna. >> reporter: another 300 backpacks are ready to go and so far they seem to hit the right
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note. >> very nice gift! >> reporter: in san jose, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. the giving spirit is also at glide. they prepared food for 3,000 of the city's neediest who will enjoy a thanksgiving meal tomorrow. earlier they served lunch as part of glide's daily free meals program. glide co-founder, reverend cecil williams, stopped by and said there is always, always work to be done. >> getting out the word that nobody should go hungry on thanksgiving day. nobody. and if so, we still got a big job to do and we ought to be ready to do it. >> now, to ensure that everyone who needs a meal gets one, volunteers will begin their day before dawn tomorrow. >> that's nice to see the community rallying on this day. jeff ranieri is with us talking
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about tomorrow's forecast. not just tomorrow but through this long four-daybreak. >> we will have rainfall as we head throughout the next seven-day period. no big storm system but enough that it could get the roadway slick. let's get a look at our microclimate forecast tonight. we want to get you right into the goods, that is the traveling delay map, and we are looking at wet weather across the southeast and the northeast, but currently no delays due to weather across the nation. but i do want you to watch out tomorrow morning in seattle, portland and orlando. we could have some rain delays cropping up. in terms of our bay area weather, i do expect a slight chance of a coastal shower and from 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow there will be a chance of showers here in the north bay. not a lot but you may get a few drops. 1:00 p.m. tomorrow it's mild with cloud cover lingering. let's get a closer look here. interstate 5 or 99 down to los angeles, smooth sailing. got a lot of sunshine here and temperatures in the 70s to 80s. interstate 5 to seattle do
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expect rainfall. and interstate 80 to lake tahoe just a slight shower chance. on the extended forecast, the better possibility of rain coming our way looks like it's going to be on saturday night through sunday, also into monday, so three days of some scattered wet weather. totals, about a dwquarter of an inch. also notice temperatures start to drop back down near normal. 66 on sunday, monday 60 and then early next week looks nice with plenty of sunshine. we'll have a brand new update at 6:48 and a closer look at your microclimate forecast and another look at the airport delays. >> thank you, jeff. up next, a vintage louis vuitton stolen from her car at valley fair. the warning that a woman wants all shoppers to hear this holiday season. honoring doctors who
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helped save lives during the north bay fires. the sonoma countye happening now, honoring doctors who helped save lives during the north bay fires. the sonoma county medical center just announced that its annual gala will be a tribute dinner instead. more than 200 doctors lost their homes in the fires. new information shows shoppers have already spent more than $28 billion online this month. analysts say cyber monday could break records. back in a moment. moore )s communications director
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resigned today, as moore continues to deny alabama senate candidate roy moore's communications director resigned today as moore
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continues to deny sexual misconduct with underage girls. moore's campaign is now advertising president trump's almost endorsement, which he made yesterday. campaign leaders used it to craft a new fund-raising appeal today. now, when president trump was asked if he believed the claims against moore, the president said you have to listen to him too, and he denies it. now, moore made his first on-camera denial in an interview on the alabama cable network. >> did you ever date or go out with underage women? >> no. no. >> have you ever engaged in any sexual misconduct with any person? >> no. i mean it's against the law an it would be wrong. >> now, the allegations from nine women range from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault. moore's democratic opponent, doug jones, is putting their faces front and center in a new campaign ad. with less than three weeks before voters go to the polls, president trump has left open
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the possibility of campaigning for moore, saying he'll decide next week. not so fast, california's attorney general is leading a charge to take legal action over the price hike at national parks. javier becerra says we should encourage people to visit our national parks an not discourage. he has drafted a letter outlining his position. attorneys general from nine other states are joining the push. last month the trump administration anoinsd fnounced would increase to $70 at certain parks, including yosemite. it has drawn criticism across the country. watch what you leave in your car. a troubling crime spree at a popular south bay mall. >> if we don't get a handle on this problem, that number is just going keep rising and rising. >> also it's a problem with deadly consequences. we investigate how stolen guns are feeding high-profile crimes in the bay area. season is upon us, and so are
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thieves. there )s a growing problem at to prominent south right now at 6:30, the holiday season is upon us an so are thieves. the growing problem at two prominent south bay malls. 'tis the season for taking in the minds of thieves that is. >> parked cars at local malls which equals a gold mine for thieves. tom jensen is at the valley fair mall in the south bay with the details. tom? >> reporter: you guys are right, it is a problem this time of year every year. one woman we talked to said she was shocked that it happened
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here to her last night, and she soon found out that she wasn't alone in learning this costly lesson about shopping safety. it happened just last night in the valley fair parking lot outside nordstrom. >> why is there glass by my car? as i got closer, i noticed there was a huge hole in the bang of my car. >> reporter: andrea, who asked we only use her first name, returned from shopping to find her window shattered. someone had snatched her vicinity abvintage louis vuitton work bag from the back seat. andrea then noticed more shoppers with the same shocking discovery in a packed parking lot. four other cars were also broken into in the two hours she was shopping. >> it happened very quickly, definitely. they just went from one row to the next. there's a lot of people around and no one said anything. >> reporter: but there's much more than those five break-ins tuesday. nbc bay area looked at 911 calls for help and there have been 21 other similar incidents, car
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burglaries and thefts in the neighborhood in just the past two weeks. andrea says she's learned a valuable lesson. >> now i know to be double careful. not to leave anything in my car that's noticeable, anything. i mean a bag, because someone could break in. >> reporter: and a couple of tips from san jose pd. they say that you should always try to park in a well lit area. also andrea should have covered up that louis vuitton bag with a coat or something. she didn't have a trunk in her car, but police say the best way to protect your shopping bags and other valuables is to put them inside a locked trunk. live in san jose, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> you can't be too careful. thank you, tom. when it comes to violent crime, it's not just who's shooting the guns, it's how they got the guns. reports of stolen firearms are trending up and stolen guns are often used to commit more crime. >> this is what our investigative unit has uncovered and it hits home here in the bay area.
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stephen stock traces recent high profile crimes to stolen guns. stephen? >> reporter: for the first time, our team traced nationally where these missing pieces come from and where they end up. we found that guns connected to crimes here in california came from as far away as florida, texas and georgia. from the mass shooting at the ups building in san francisco that left three people dead to the shooting of kate steinle while walking with her family on pier 14. >> a shot rang out. she turned to me and said "help me, dad." >> reporter: with a s.w.a.t. team after bullets -- >> bullets ended up under my mother's dining room table. >> reporter: every case involved one stolen gun, some involved several. we found some high hef profile
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murders that involved one stolen gun in each case. >> i'd say it's about a 50-50 shot for the firearms that we recover for them to be stolen. >> reporter: frank serves as branch chief for the crime gun intelligence headquarters in washington, d.c. >> we essentially have to wait for a crime to occur in order for us to recover these guns. >> reporter: nbc bay area and more than a dozen nbc teams teamed with a nonprofit journalism organization to find out how guns circulate around the u.s. although more than a thousand law enforcement agencies turned over their data to us, here in the bay area it's impossible to pinpoint how much crime is tied to stolen guns because two of the bay area's largest police departments, along with lapd, refused to share what we believe are their public records. the data we do have makes clear that the number of stolen guns continues to increase nationally, including a spike in guns stolen from cars. >> if we don't get a handle on this problem, that number is
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just going to keep rising and rising. >> reporter: our data shows 71,000 guns have been reported lost or stolen here in california alone since 2010. >> even though california has stricter gun laws, their theft rates are still high. >> reporter: kevin o'keefe says atf frequently finds stolen guns turning up a long way from where they were stolen, although he says the majority of stolen guns are later used in crime near where they were taken. >> most of the time we finding the guns recovered in the same space or metro area or near metro area from where they were stolen. >> we traced 135 guns stolen in other states that ended up in california at crime scenes. one of the guns used in the u.p.s. mass shooting was stolen in utah. guns from mesa, arizona, connected to crimes in hayward an sban jose. a palm beach county florida stolen gun connected to a drug crime in san diego. >> you will see geography dictates a lot. we have seen some concerted
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efforts to take guns up the iron pop lin pipeline, the i-95 corridor where guns are more restrictive. >> reporter: our data shows 41% of all stolen guns are used in a different city or county from where they were stolen. >> if i'm a gun owner and i'm responsible, part of that responsibility is to make sure it's stored properly. >> reporter: u.s. representative from walnut creek isn't just talking about civilians. he says law enforcement officers also must secure their weapons. our investigation found bay area law enforcement agencies alone lost or had stolen at least 750 firearms since 2012. >> you can't just leave them around. >> reporter: he has introduced legislation in congress to hold federal law enforcement officers accountable for keeping their guns locked up. >> so we know if they're properly locked and stored, they're less likely to be used in criminal activity and less likely to be stolen. >> reporter: although bill scott declined several interview requests, we caught up with him at a town hall meeting.
6:36 pm
>> are you worried about the problem of stolen guns being used in other crimes. >> i'm always concerned about guns on the street and stolen guns tend to end up in hands of people that have bad purposes. >> reporter: chief scott admits his department has to look in the mirror on this issue too. in september, one of his own officers had the gun stolen from his car. that gun was later used in a suspected gang-related murder. >> your own officers have had guns stolen from them. what are you going to do to stop that? >> we have to look at whether they're following the policy. i know we had a very high-profile incident and that is one of the issues that we are right now looking at, whether policies were being followed. so we'll -- we're not above the law. >> reporter: gun rights advocates, such as the national shooting sports foundation and the nra say don't punish the victim for this problem. in a statement to us, the nra said, quote, a law that requires reportage is nothing but punitive. it does not prevent crimes from being committed and it only serves to further victimize
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otherwise law-abiding persons after they have been robbed. the nra does back another bill that's currently before congress which would increase prison sentences for those who steal guns. see our national story on missing pieces plus a breakdown of all these numbers plus interactive graphs and maps all on our website. just go to i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephen. if you have a story for stephen or anyone in the investigative unit call 888-996-tips or up next, hitting the air waves this week. the reason tobacco companies are being forced to make new ads on television an radio about the dangers of smoking. d radio abou dangers of smoking. u-s service members, after a
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navy transport plane crashed in the ocean today. the search continues for three u.s. service members after a navy transport plane crashed in the ocean. eight others on that plane were
6:40 pm
rescued in good condition. it happened south of japan about 500 nautical miles southeast of okinawa. the aircraft carrying 11 crew an passengers was headed to the uss ronald reagan. that carrier is leaving the emergency search operation. the aircraft was part of a naval exercise with 14,000 u.s. personnel involved. unconfirmed reports from japan's defense minister blame engine trouble on the plane. the seventh fleet has had two fatal accidents this year leaving 17 sailors dead, prompting the removal of eight top navy officers. tobacco ads have been banned from television and radio since 1971, but they're about to make a comeback. take a look. >> cigarette companies intentionally design cigarettes with enough nicotine to create and sustain addiction. >> the ads aren't for tobacco, they're anti-tobacco, warning of the dangers. the commercials are a result of a 1999 lawsuit which big tobacco lost. the judge ruled the companies
6:41 pm
were guilty of fraud because they downplayed known health risks. the ads allowed them to come clean. >> i think a lot of people assume that the war on -- the battle against tobacco use is kind of over because everybody knows tobacco is not good for you. and yet it continues to be the leading preventible cause of death in this country. >> last year california voters approved a proposition increasing the cigarette tax, which is now one of the highest in the nation. if you're getting ready to cook thanksgiving dinner, a warning tonight. the california department of public health says food borne illnesses are common around the holidays because of improper handling of food. the temperature of the turkey should reach 165 degrees. that also includes the stuffing inside. any surfaces used to prepare food should be washed thoroughly. >> when you wash a raw piece of poultry, whether it's turkey or chicken, you really run the risk of spreading the bacteria that are on the surface of that turkey around into your sink and onto the countertop.
6:42 pm
and so the safest thing to do is just cook it as is. all those bacteria will be killed in the process. >> the most common symptoms of food-borne illnesses are diarrhea and in some cases vomiting and fever. but those are unpleasant res that we don't need to think about before we start gobbling up our food. >> tonight is a big night. a lot of people are at the bars an restaurants because no one wants to cook tonight. everyone is out tonight. >> you have to starve yourself to get ready for tomorrow. >> nice weather if you're doing any traveling across the bay area tonight, but we are tracking some rainfall offshore. i'll let you know about the best chance over the thanksgiving mall d holiday coming up in a few minutes. airline delays are inevitable but we think we can help you avoid some of the sluggishness. nbc bay area responds, next.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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a lot of trips that go wrong. so, our team decided to dig through to flight stats to see nbc bay area responds to a lot of cases about airlines and a lot of trips that go wrong. >> our team decided to go
6:45 pm
through flight steps to try to steer you clear of some of the flight hassles. >> good evening. we focused on trying to figure out the best strategies for avoiding flight delays. first off, we learned that nationally 20% of flights land late, so some strategy might be useful here. some passengers are so conditioned to constant flight delays they have just adjusted their schedule as well as their mindset. >> it is delayed like i usually add an hour or so into my trip because of that. so we arrived on time so i felt like we arrived an hour early. >> to help reduce your chances of a flight delay, we sifted through lots of government airport data. we now know when to fly. tuesdays and saturdays have the least flight delays while fridays and mondays have the most. that's not all the numbers show of the tonight at 11:00 more. times of day, airlines, and the bay area airports with the best record as well as the worst,
6:46 pm
including one bay area airport ranked worst in the country for on-time arrival. if you have a consumer complaint give us a call, 888-996-tips or >> how about a two-day delay back in the day. >> what was your worst one? >> i don't know, i'd have to think about it. >> do they have delays in first class? >> i'm going to leave now. >> thank you, chris. right now in new york city, an annual tradition is under way and it is a very big, big deal. yep, there they are. the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade just hours away. look at -- oh, hello kitty. crowds always show up but the difference this year is going to be security. >> i want to emphasize as the most important thing i'll say, there are no krecredible and
6:47 pm
specific threats against new york city at this time. there are no credible and specific threats against this event. >> there will be officers on every corner and more streets will be blocked off. the key reason ilast month's deadly halloween attack. there's another sight at the parade, the grinch will stebe i this year's lineup. it starts at 9:00 in the morning. which is always the best part of thanksgiving, as you cook in your jammies with your coffee watching the parade. >> i remember that as a kid. >> that was always the best part. >> there's no gifts, there's no pressure, it's just all family, friends and food. >> well, there's pressure if you're making the food. >> yeah. >> how are we looking for tomorrow? >> we're looking good. for most of the bay area, it's going to be pretty good to get around but there will be a few spots that will get some wet weather. let's get a look at that microclimate forecast. if you are picking somebody up at the airport tonight or leaving tomorrow we've got you covered. here it is, we do have some wet
6:48 pm
weather here in seattle, also portland. rainfall still approaching portions of florida and most of the action is moving out of here in the northeast with a lot of this rainfall starting to push out. so currently in terms of airport delays, we're not seeing any from the east coast towards the west, but i do want you to watch out in seattle, portland and orlando tomorrow morning. we could have some rainfall delays returning. now, here across the bay area on your thanksgiving morning when you're inside hopefully watching the parade right here on nbc, we get a mix of sun and clouds for the south bay right on over towards the tri-valley. temperatures in the low to mid-70s. we have a slice chance of showers in the north bay and also for san francisco. as we head through the day for tomorrow, it's still going to feel kind of odd outside for november. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. we'll have a chance of the sun breaking through the clouds in the south bay. 75 in los gatos, 72 in downtown san jose and 73 in morgan hill. more of a cloudy situation here
6:49 pm
for contra costa, alameda counties. vallejo 68 degrees, livermore 70, and then over here towards hayward 69. for the peninsula we're clouded up here with mid to upper 60s. that kind of makes it a little better for not only the thanksgiving dinner but also for those leftovers. no excuses but to just sit side and enjoy yourself. okay, into san francisco, 66. cooler 64 here for the embarcadero. for the north bay, napa 71, sonoma 68, over to point reyes, 63 degrees. maybe you're not in the bay area but will hop in the car in a last-minute road trip. data shows that thanksgiving continues to get busier and busier for these last-minute trips. we'll have a split situation in california. heading from the bay area up to redding, there's a slight chance of showers. temperatures in the 60s to 70s. if you're headed to southern california, plenty of sunshine, 85 in los angeles, 91 in palm
6:50 pm
springs. enjoy it if you're headed to so cal. on the extended forecast, the best chance of rain coming our way looks like saturday night into sunday, also for monday. it's going to be on and off chances of wet weather. i'm pip pointing about a quarter inch of rain over the three days so it's not a lot but certainly is something that might get your travels wet if you're going to be traveling on any one of those days. then we start to see things clear out by next tuesday and also wednesday. temperatures early next week also begin to drop back down. it's going to feel a lot more like fall once we hit sunday. 66 for the interior valleys. low 60s by next monday and tuesday. oh, man, you guys, i'm getting tortured. at home i'm getting pictures of all kinds of food that's being made for tomorrow. it's hard to concentrate. the last one had little marshmallows on top. >> that's the yams with the marshmallows. i love that.
6:51 pm
>> you need to eat a lot tonight to expand your stomach for tomorrow, instead of starving yourself. >> let's try both ways. thanks, jeff. up next, jimmy g., are you ready to go? colin has the reason he won't be starting this sunday for the 49ers.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
streak. can they make it 2 in a row? the 49ers host the seahwks sunday i they have a one-game winning streak. >> is that a streak? >> they could make it two. the 49ers host the seahawks sunday in santa clara. >> and still no jimmy garoppolo. the new quarterback will remain on the sidelines. boo. here's nbc bay area's colin rush. >> i plan on starting c.j. this week as always. we'll see ou practice goes just like every other position. repswise and everything. >> reporter: you hear it all the time in sports, keep your opponent guessing, deciding who to start at quarterback this sunday, niners coach kyle shanahan could have kept us
6:55 pm
guessing all week but he didn't. and why. >> one, it would be exhausting to talk about this every day for you guys. two, i don't see the competitive advantage. >> reporter: the reason, he says, c.j. beathard and jimmy garoppolo have similar styles, thus, there would be nothing to gain by keeping it a secret. beathard coming off his best game as a pro which resulted in the team's first win of the year. his confidence growing every day. >> the more you play, the more your playbook expands a little bit and the more things you can do. and i think this will be my fifth start and i think i can handle a little bit more week in and week out. >> reporter: garoppolo, he spent the bye week doing the same thing he's been doing since he was traded for in late october, trying to get up to beathard's speed in the playbook. >> new england had certain things that i was just used to. after three and a half years of being there, you get comfortable with it and you feel like you mastered the language that they had. it's just trying to pick it up as fast as i can here now. >> i struggled in all foreign
6:56 pm
languages. i could not cram learning spanish the night before. you have to understand it and be able to talk. i see football the same way. you can't just cram a bunch of words in, memorize and then go out and understand it all. >> it's a grind right now, but things are coming together. >> reporter: in santa clara, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> jimmy g. will get his chance but we are rooting for c.j. beathard. i used to work for c.j. beathard's grandfather. >> i'm excited for the new guys. >> that's your cue, jeff. >> if you're traveling tomorrow, interstate 5 or 99 down to los angeles, it's going to be dry and mild, 70s to 80s. interstate 5 up towards seattle will have the possibility of this rain. if you're heading i-80 to lake tahoe, we'll see a slight shower chance. overall best chance of scattered rainfall returns saturday night through monday. up to a quarter an inch. >> be safe wherever you're going. have a great thanksgiving. thanks for joining us tonight.
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charlie rose out. s: step in to replace rose on cbs thisñr komorching. plus this morningsxdçó exple new story aboutt(u russell sim. >> new details on jennifer lawrence split and is katy perry moving in on the weeknd. david cassidy's interview. from partridge family teen sens,9 to three marriages. the upsok and the


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